Florence | Study Abroad #1

Ciao from Florence! I am super lucky and thankful to have the opportunity to be studying abroad in Florence this month. A MAJOR grazie mille to my parents for giving me the chance to do this ❤️ I’ve only been in Italy for a few days and it has been some of the best days I’ve had. Coming here I thought I knew what to expect and yes, in some aspects I did, but some things are also so different. Of course the majors – no elevators, no AC, and salt in the water (weird, but not okay). With all the walking and stair climbing I’ve done at this point I will definitely have the strongest legs ever when I get back home.

At this point I’ve been here for ten days and have had the most amazing experiences. I would have never thought I would be seeing the sunset over the Duomo from Piazze Michelangelo or that I would get the opportunity to boat around the Amalfi Coast.

However, I am (unfortunately) not just here to travel around and do have classes for days a week from 9-5:30. The classes definitely are a lot more rigorous than I expected but I really am enjoying them. In the mornings I am taking an Event Planning class which will be super useful for my career in the future. I’ve learned soooo many things in the last week that have already made me look at little things differently. As for the afternoon, I am taking a class called Pairing Food with Wine in which, as you can assume, we get to cook a meal and pair it with wine. This class is super fun and the food we make is so good but it also is such a Top Chef atmosphere, but I’m not hating it. The pairing part is more difficult than you could imagine. There is apparently a lot of technical stuff that goes behind it which is confusing to learn but hopefully I get it down by the end of the month!

Here’s a glimpse of the past week!

Lucky that the Duomo is right outside my apartment!
Ligurian pasta with pesto and potatoes, enough said here.
Sipped on some Bellini while boating around the Amalfi Coast. Does it get better than this?
Bathing suit top could be found here, and bottom is from Target!
Abercrombie is killing it with the bathing suits this summer!!
Pizza and pals at Piazze Michaelangelo
This, is where I want to be and how I want to live the rest of my life please and thanks.

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