As I’m turning 20 today, I thought this would be the perfect time to reflect and share 20 things I have learned and loved in the past 20 years (if I have even learned 20 things?? I’m not too sure – we’ll get through this together). Turning 20 is the weirdest feeling and over the past few weeks, many people have told me it is the weirdest age. No longer a teenager, but not yet 21. I’m actually starting to wonder if there is anything good about being 20 at all? My mom always said that when you turn 20 it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. I’ve definitely been smelling the coffee for a few years now, but I think it’s about to get a little bit stronger (or that coffee has turned into espresso).

1. Family is forever: You start with family you end with family. No matter how much you hate your sister for being annoying, or hate your mom for being super ridiculous, they’ll be there for you in the end (and always).

2. Always work hard – it will pay off: Time and time again people have told me that I have put too much effort into certain things but you know what, it will pay off!! Keep working hard girl xo

3. Travel!!! (without your parents): Don’t get me wrong I am forever thankful for the vacations my parents have taken me on, however, nothing is more rewarding than paying for my own vacation and the experiences I have alone (by alone I mean with my sisters lol). Traveling is super amazing and traveling with friends, or your sisters, is the best thing ever. Save your money and go for it!

4. You won’t die if you don’t go away to college: I literally hated my parents forever for not letting me go away to school. In fact, I told my college I was going to be living there hoping my parents would change their mind (spoiler: they didn’t). I’m two years into my college career and I can say that I am a commuter and I am alive. If anything I think I’ve learned so much from this and am super thankful I don’t have loans (ily mom & dad).

5. You don’t need to post everything on social media for it to really “happen”: Over the past two months, I have taken a slight social media hiatus which made me realize that social media isn’t life!!! I am actually an Interactive Media (fancy way of saying social media) minor so saying this may sound weird but it’s true. It’s so much better to not have people know your every move. Put down your phone, stop Snapchatting and worrying about the perfect Instagram picture and just live.

6. Planning is so important, but you can’t plan everything: I love planning, I love my calendar, and I LOVE making to-do list (often with times included). I swear planning is my therapy but I have definitely learned you can’t plan everything and that’s okay!! Sometimes you have to let things go with the flow and it might kill you in the moment but don’t worry I promise you’ll survive.

7. It’s okay to cry: I think everyone who knows me knows I cry so much (example number one is my entire sweet sixteen candle ceremony). I literally cry over everything from spilled milk to being stuck in traffic or my Starbucks order being messed up or literally anything, seriously. My best friends get rants on the daily from me explaining situations that contain the words “I’m literally crying” and nine times out of ten it’s not just a figure of speech, I’m really crying. Honestly, if I don’t cry for a while I go crazy. Cry!! Have emotions!!! It’s all part of life!!!

8. Your high school friends won’t be your forever friends, and that’s okay: And you don’t have to hate them forever!! Sometimes things just happen and people fall apart and that is literally fine. Best friend breakups are really not to fun but it’s literally fine like seriously it’s fine. Everyone comes into your life for a reason and I can tell you for sure I’ve definitely learned so much from every friendship I have been in.

9. Save your singles: Thankful my mom taught me this one. Never spend your singles, that’s right, never spend those $1 bills. Save them all!!! Once you get to 100 it’s like you found one hundred dollars. Remember way up at #3 when I said travel? Saving my singles is one of the major things that funds all my travels!

10. Relax, not everything is a big deal: Most times I stress over everything, literally everything. No joke sometimes I can’t even go to the grocery store without having a little panic attack and honestly, it’s so dumb!!! Like in the moment I can’t help it but whenever I look back I realize it’s so dumb like honestly, it’s fine. You’ll survive whatever you’re doing, half of the times the worst thing that can happen is someone tells you “no” or you run into someone you really didn’t want to see (ha that really is the worst). Also, you’ll always get your school work done so stop stressing over that!!

Okay, so I clearly couldn’t think of 20 things I’ve learned so the next 10 things are gong to be 10 things I love!!! Lets gooo

11. Clean hair (a rare occurrence for me)

12. Avocado toast – who needs an apple a day when you can have an avocado toast a day right?

13. Listening to Elvis Duran while I drive to school

14. Sheet mask (post all about my favs here)

15. The feeling when you take a shower right after the beach

16. Iced lattes

17. Getting paid (if you don’t love this then that’s kinda weird)

18. Writing a to-do list/filling in my planner/organizing in general

19. Beach bonfires with my family/beach friends

20. Car jam sessions

With all of this being said, I am excited to see what the next year holds!! Can’t wait to be traveling a ton and graduating within the next year among a ton of other things.

Talk to you Sunday,



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