Finals Survival Guide

It’s finals time!!! Both the best and the worst time of the year. The worst obviously because as college students we are overwhelmed with work. Some professors seem to believe their class is the only class we are enrolled in. Then of course this is the best time because once you have finished that last final, you are free for three-four months of summer. Unless, of course, you are taking summer classes (that would be me)

I’m here to give you a few of my tips on how to “survive” finals. I think some of these you probably, or definitely, have heard before but the bottom line is it will work if you follow it!

  1. Stay organized & use a planner: Totally obvious, I know, but I seriously swear by my planner mostly during a time like this. I write down when everything is du and when my exams are, which is obvious, but also some other things. I am very goal oriented and deadline driven so I like to set deadlines for myself as well. By doing this I find that I’m rarely every scrambling last minute to get something done. Organizing your notes, and staying organized during the semester, will make finals time much easier.

2. Study: Duh. Again, clearly obvious if you want to suceed you should probably study, right? For myself, I do not do the best cramming. Sometimes I do, but I find that it’s best for me to study a little more overtime than all the night before. Now I’m not saying I study over weeks worth of time, just 2-3 days. I even think that it takes some time to gather my notes and organize a review sheet.

3. Ask for help: Office hours are a beautiful thing, seriously. As are emails! I always try to email my professors at the very least once a semester about assignments to show that I have concern for my grade and the class. A lot of the times (as least I have found so far) professors give you the opportunity to send in your papers early for review, or you can go to your school’s writing center. I think that it is literally crazy to not take advantage of this because they’re flat out trying to help you!! Also always take advantage of extra credit opportunities. No matter what you think your grade is, just do it.

These are just some tips to survive your finals, coming from someone who is a bit OCD 🙂

Good luck to you all!

Talk to you Sunday,



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