Sunday Makeup | Purple Halo Eye

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I’m going to be sharing a look I created recently. I am obsessed with creating halo eyes. They were super trendy for a minute and now I feel like people have totally forgotten about them.

Halo eyes are great because they aren’t too difficult (no glitter cut crease precise action going on here) and they’re great for bringing light and attention to the center of the eyes, obviously making your eyes pop! For this look, I went with a deep purple haloing this beautiful rose gold shade.

Here’s a product breakdown for the eyes:

Primer: MAC Paint Pot / Painterly

Eyeshadow: Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Palette 2017 (Sugar Cookie, Chestnut and Silent Night), Makeup Geek Cosmetics Foiled
Eyeshadow / Grandstand

Pigment: Smolder Cosmetics Glam Dust / Rosè

Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex (did you expect anything else?)


After priming my eyes, I swept, a light skin tone-ish over my entire lid to set the primer (Kylie Cosmetics Sugar Cookie). I went in with, a light mauve shade first in my crease (Kylie Cosmetics Chesnut). I have hooded eyes so I fake a crease, but if you have a crease start by placing this color in your crease (I used my fav Morphe E22). Then I started to create the actual halo eye by putting this color in my inner and outer corner, connecting it to the crease. Honestly, it’s okay if you get this shade over your entire lid so don’t worry if you’re messy. It will be covered up later.

Okay so now with a more defined brush I’m going in the with deep purple from the Kylie palette called Silent Night and placing it on the outer and inner corners and more concentrated in the crease, but not as far out as the previous color. After placing it where I want it, I went in with a more dense blending brush so get rid of the harsh edges. Again, it doesn’t matter if this gets on the lid because it will be covered up.

After all blending until my hands fell off (and then some) I went in with MUG Foiled Shadow in Grandstand. I totally forgot I had this shadow it’s a stunning rose gold/purply-pink color, obsessed. I placed this in the center of my eye. You want to be sure to focus your ‘pop’ color right about your pupil and try not to go too far out. This is what makes your eyes light up! I then went in with a bit of the Smolder Cosmetics glam dust in Rosè at the very center. And of course, I went back and blended the edges of the shimmer shade w a mix of both purples. Looking back at pictures, I definitely could have blended the edges of this a bit more.

To finish off the look, I highlighted under my brow bone and the tiniest bit in my inner corner curled my lashes and applied mascara. For my face, I used the same products that I used in this post, so check it out to get the lineup!

how do makeup people always take cool pics? Clearly, I cannot.

Hopefully one day I’ll be able to do a video on looks like this, but for now, pictures will have to suffice!

Hope you all enjoyed your week. Let me know any post ideas you have in the comments!

Talk to you Sunday,


p.s. from now on a new post will go up every Sunday!


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