Sunday Brunch | L.A. Edition

Happy Sunday aka brunch day!! As you know (and if you don’t know then clearly you are not following my blog post, get it together!!) I am spending my spring break in Los Angeles. I don’t know what the deal is here but the food is just a million times better than it is back at home. From the produce to the sushi it is just incredible. (A quick side note, I had sushi from SUGARFISH the other night and I don’t think I will ever be able to have regular sushi ever again.)

So today I’m going to be taking you through an amazing brunch I had at Malibu Farm in, you’ll never guess, Malibu. From the location to the decor and, of course, the food, everything was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to relive it with you guys! Be sure you’re following my Instagram for more pictures and to be updated faster on what’s going on! I’ve been posting tons on my Instagram story so make sure you’re following me. Click HERE to go to my Instagram.

My sister and I went to Malibu Farm right after our hike to Escondido Falls so it’s safe to say I was pretty hungry. Malibu Farm has a restaurant and a cafe but the restaurant is under renovation, so we ate at the cafe (still had full service, though). We sat outside with a beautiful view of the ocean until the fog rolled in.

So the ocean was a little bit more to the left but I clearly thought this cozy little corner was much more important to photograph. Of course, as a hostess myself, I found this sign adorable.

Even though no alcohol was consumed during this brunch the menu was so cute! My sister got a peach smoothie and I got my usual iced vanilla latte with soy milk. All of the ingredients used are sourced from local farms which is so cool to me. Not only does this mean everything is super fresh, but it means Malibu Farms is helping support local businesses which I absolutely love.

Considering it was past 12 when we ate we opted for some lunch food. We ordered black bean hummus (which is unfortunately cut out of this photo), a cauliflower pizza, and a grilled chicken tortilla salad. My sister also ordered a hot latte (partially for a photo, but also because she’s weird and only likes hot coffee).

The black bean hummus did not look that appealing considering it was like a dark gray color and that’s not a cute color for your food to be BUT it was literally so delicious. The salad was super good and fresh. My favorite of all the things was the cauliflower pizza which was literally one of my favorite things I have eaten this trip (maybe not because everything was so good). I don’t know how they managed to make a cauliflower pizza so flavorful and good but props to you Malibu Farm.

Wouldn’t be a brunch, or a vacation for that matter, if I didn’t make my sister take coffee drinking pictures of me, right?

Hope you virtually enjoyed this brunch with me! I cannot wait to head back to LA and back to Malibu Farm for some breakfast food.

Where’s your favorite place for brunch? Let me know in the comments!

Talk to you soon,



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