Sunday Travel | Los Angeles

Hello and happy spring break! Super excited to be taking you guys along with me as I travel to LA with my sister for the week. I’m going to take you through our travel day from waking up before the crack of dawn, to falling asleep early from jet lag (so exciting!!), so let’s go!

3:20 AM, Staten Island, NY: Good morning?! It is barely morning considering I am still half asleep and some people probably aren’t even home yet from a night out, ugh. I always think morning flights are a genius idea until it is the morning of and I rather sleep in than head to the airport, go through airport security and sit on a six-hour flight. Highly contemplating just staying in bed, is that terrible?

4:30 AM, Newark Liberty International Airport, NJ: Made it to the airport (still half
asleep). Since I am going to LA where it will be much warmer and the ground will not be covered in snow I’m wearing light, thin layers and ABSOLUTELY freezing. I did bring my big blanket scarf from Express which is somewhat helpful but still get me to LA asap, thanks.


5:45 AM, Newark Liberty International Airport, NJ: After it taking us almost an hour to get through the longest TSA line ever, we made it to our gate, had a quick photoshoot and hopped on our plane to LAX (low key Miley reference)

9:00 AM, Los Angeles International Airport, CA: Touchdown in la la land!! After two movies, an episode of Fixer Upper and a short nap, we have arrived. I, of course, had another mini photoshoot after grabbing my luggage. My cousin Lynda and her adorable son John came to the rescue to pick up myself and my sister with Starbucks and took us to her apartment where we will be staying for the week. We got the biggest welcome to our room from John who is the cutest little monkey ever.

11:30 AM, Culver City, CA: The girls and John headed off to Costco and I decided to stay back to shower and get some work done. When they got back, we all go ready for the day. I did Lynda’s makeup and filmed it so look out for that in the future…

2:30 PM, Culver City, CA: Me and Gabriella (that’s my sister by the way) headed to Trader Joes to do some grocery shopping for the apartment. Let us just take a minute to discuss how good banana chips are, like seriously, so good.

4:30 PM, Culver City, CA: It is ONLY 4:30 PM and this day feels like its been going on forever. For dinner, we headed to Sea Salt and got poke Bowl (which I was totally calling Pokeball’s this entire time as if they had some relation to Pokemon). Poke bowls are pretty much just sushi in a bowl, kinda like a rice bowl is just a taco/burrito in a bowl. I think someone back at home needs to open up a poke place because they were so so good.

6:00 PM, The Grove, CA: For our last adventure for the day (as we are all incredibly exhausted) we headed to one of my favorite places, The Grove. We, of course, had another little photo session while we were there. I surprisingly only bought one thing, I know, super shocked myself. And by 8 o’clock we were all incredibly exhausted and ready for bed and that is where we went.

9:00 PM, Culver City, CA: Good night everyone!! Jet lag is a real thing and I am so tired and cannot wait to close my eyes and knockout. Between jetlag and the fact that it is daylights savings tonight, it is going to be a four hour time change for me, which means I will probably wake up at (or before) 7 am, great! We have a lot in store for this entire week so make sure you stay tuned on my Instagram and Instagram Stories to keep up.

Talk to you soon,



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