My Week in Braids: 7 Days of Braided Hairstyles

Braids. They’re either you best friend or your worst enemy. My hair spends a lot of time in braids. This is partially due to the fact that I am too lazy to actually do it, but also because braids are such a trendy hairstyle that makes you look like you put in much more effort than you did. (If you find braids hard, chances are you did put in a ton of effort but for me it’s become super fast and easy!) Also did I mention that braids are perfect for those dirty hair days? Today I’m going to share with you my week in braids. Seven days of braided hairstyles, lets go!

Day 1: I absolutely hate having my hair down, mostly for class. I hate when it’s all in my face while I’m trying to write notes – not fun. On this Monday morning I did the classic half-up half-down hairstyle but with a braid. Looks like I put a little more effort into being half asleep on a Monday morning, right? I like to do a dutch braid instead of a regular braid. Gives it some more dimension and makes it look like you tried even harder (when in reality I did this in the school parking lot).


Day 2: Today I was all about being simple as I headed to school for just one class (and of course, it is an 8:30 class). I went for the classic and simplest of all braids – a low braided pony tail. This takes less than a minute and still manages to make me look (somewhat) put together.

Day 3: This Wednesday I went for my little Elsa braid, as I like to call it, into a bun. In real terms it’s a side dutch braid into a bun. I love pulling or “pancaking” my dutch braids to make them look more full and messy.


Day 4: Thursdays I have work, which requires me to wear my hair up. Normally I put my hair in a low braid but because I like to be extra, I put it in a low dutch braid. Again just a fuller more dimensional looking braid.


Day 5: Happy Friday!! Today I went for two mini dutch braids on top of my head. Keeps my hair out of my face while still looking cute. This look is kind of (not really??) edgy. To be honest, I totally did this last night before bed so I wouldn’t have to worry about my hair in the morning. Personally when I do my braided hairstyles before bed I make them super tight and then pancake them in the morning to look full and purposely messy.7d9c2b360daa487a77e1f4838d674eee

Day 6: Saturday, another day of work where my hair gets put into a hat. Today I just worked off of yesterdays hairstyle. I kept in the two mini dutch braids, then braided the rest of my hair and put it in a bun. I love being able to keep my braids in for more than one day makes my life so much easier.

Day 7: The final day. My usual go-to hairstyle right before I wash my hair: boxer braids. A big thanks to Kim K for putting these back in style. I part my hair slightly off center (just because I look weird with a center part), and do the two boxer braids, which essentially are just dutch french braided pig-tails. Of course I pancaked them a little to make them look full and messy.


Hope you all enjoyed my week in braids and it inspired you to try out some new hairstyles! Let me know your favorite hairstyles and any braid suggestions you have below.

Talk to you Sunday,


p.s. unfortunately for me, most braids seem to look better in photos if you have highlights or some dimension in your hair. I have dark brown, almost black hair that I’ve never dyed. For this reason most of this weeks pictures I got from online so you’re able to see the hairstyle better, but be sure to click to picture to see where they came from and support some other blogs!


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