Worth the Hype Wednesday: Kylie Cosmetics

Let me start this by saying Kylie Jenner is an absolute genius for creating a makeup line. Like, I am pretty sure she is becoming more wealthy than her sisters (I know money isn’t everything, but still). Now, lets actually talk about Kylie Cosmetics. I think that because she is a part of the Kardashian/Jenner brand so many people want see her fail but unfortunately for them, I do not think that is going to happen (or at least it’s not happening anytime soon).

In November of 2015, Kylie released her first makeup product, Kylie Lip Kits, which was the first name of her company and sold out in minutes. And though I wasn’t able to get my own the first time around, eventually I was able to grab a kit before they sold out. Just a few months later, she changed the name of her company to Kylie Cosmetics, and broadened her products. Kylie now produces lip kits, glosses, eyeshadow palettes, eye liners, and I’m assuming much more to come. I now own a few of her lip kits/liquid lipsticks, glosses, and eye shadow palettes. Honestly, when ordering her products I almost expected that I would hate them, and the quality would be awful but thankfully I have really been enjoying them.

KoKo K Lip Kit
KoKo K Lip Kit

I’ll start with her lip products. The liquid lips stay on forever, literally forever. She has a huge color range, and matching liners for the shades. For a few of the colors, you have the option of getting it in a kit, or separately purchase the liquid lipstick or the liner. My only critique about these are that you cannot layer them. I find that if I have to go in and touch it up or put on another layer it becomes really patchy and crumbles off. Considering the colors are really pigmented and last long, this isn’t a huge problem but I of course wish it didn’t happen. Her glosses are amazing. They’re super opaque and last forever also. (Both her lip kits and glosses smell like cupcakes – bonus points for that!)

Next, for my favorite part, her eyeshadow palettes. When her first palette, The Bronze Palette, was released I told myself I didn’t need it (in all honesty, I do not need any of the makeup I buy but it is a serious addiction). I decided to just try to get it on launch day, of course thinking I wouldn’t be able to get one, and I am sooo soo happy I did. This has seriously become one of my go-to palettes. As a freelance makeup artist, this is something I always have in my kit. The colors are crazy pigmented and blend-able. The palette is super compact so it is not a hassle to travel with. Many people are mad it doesn’t come with a mirror but honestly that doesn’t upset me at all. Following The Bronze Palette was The Burgundy Palette and The Holiday Palette 2016, both of which I have as well.

I still have yet to try her eyeliners and she recently releases blushes as a part of her Valentine’s Day collection. I have not heard much about the blushes just yet but I have heard that her eyeliners are amazing and do not budge. One of my favorite beauty vloggers, Tori Sterling, claims it is the only thing that does not budge from her waterline.

I really do think Kylie’s products are worth the hype. She definitely knows what she wants, what a good makeup product is and is trying to have her products meet the expectations. Do you have any Kylie Cosmetics products? Let me know what you think of them!

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