Sheet Mask Obsession

I have mentioned before my obsession with sheet mask and let me tell you, it is legit. I can probably open my own Sephora skincare department with the amount of sheet masks I own. I could easily do a sheet mask every night and in fact, I do them most nights. There is something so luxurious about sheet mask even though they are so affordable.

Before I do a sheet mask, I like to make sure my skin is cleansed. Sometimes I will apply my serum before hand, other times I will not, it honestly depends on if I remember or not. I apply the mask and put on a timer for the amount of time on the packaging (it varies depending on the mask, but most of them are around twenty minutes). The mask are super simple to apply. Some of them are two pieces but most of them are one piece. You put it over your face and it has holes for your eyes, nose and mouth. Don’t throw away the packaging! Save the extra “juices” to put on your hands and décolletage (fancy word for neck and chest).

I like to sit in my bed with my current Netflix show (Shameless) or some beauty YouTube videos until it is time to remove the mask. When the timer goes off (normally about 20 minutes but each mask varies), I toss the mask and can go right to sleep. No need to rinse your face afterwards – let the excess serum from the mask soak into your skin over night!

Now some people (like some of my friends) think that sheet mask do not work at all and that it’s just a psychological thing. I definitely do think that they work, especially those that are targeted towards hydrating, refreshing, and giving the skin a glow. I also just really love the experience of doing a sheet mask. It’s like your own personal spa day.

I also love the Sephora Collection Avocado mask but I’ve used all of mine!

Another reason to love sheet masks is that they are so inexpensive. Now of course with anything you could go for the more expensive ones, but brands like Sephora Collection have sheet masks for just $6 and they are some of my favorites! I also really love the Boscia Masks, specifically the Sake Brightening Hydrogel Mask ($8) and the Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydration Hydrogel Mask ($8). Like the name suggest, Boscia mask are more of a gel sheet, rather than the cloth that the Sephora Collection mask are. I also just received a ton of Karuna sheet masks from the Master Class by Mario I attended that I’m excited to try.

I’m always looking forward to trying out new sheet mask so share any suggestions you have down below! Also let me know if you think sheet mask actually work, or if they are a total gimmick.

Talk to you Sunday,



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