January Favs

My favorite thing to do at the start of a new month is hop on YouTube and make a playlist of monthly favorites videos. Watching these videos gives me a bunch of new product suggestions (and also hurts my bank account). At the beginning of each new month, I’m going to share my favorites from the previous month with you all – a mix of beauty favs with some others depending on how my month has gone.

January has flown by. I got tons of use out of new products I got for Christmas, but also stuck with some old favs.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette: Let’s start with the fact that this actually smells like peaches. Yes, that’s right, it is an eyeshadow palette that smells like peaches. But besides that, Too Faced always comes through with amazing eyeshadow palettes. The colors are peach themed (obviously), so you have your warm toned browns, peachy pinks and also some pops of green and purple. I used this throughout the holidays and absolutely cannot get enough of it.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: I swear Too Faced is not the only brand I use. I was very late on the Better Than Sex train because I do love my drugstore mascaras. I don’t know how Too Faced mastered this mascara, but they totally killed it. I used to be the type of person to always throw on some individual false lashes or a strip lash if I was going out just to make my lashes stand out more, but with this mascara I don’t need to do that at all.

MAC Cosmetics Faux Lipstick + Spice Lip Liner: Oldies but goodies. This used to be a go-to lip combo for me but then I fell out of using lipsticks for a while. The past month I have gone back to using these and I fell in love all over again. Sometimes I pop a Buxom Full-On Lip Polish on top.

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Prosecco Pop: Don’t get me wrong I will forever and always love Champagne Pop (also by Becca and Jaclyn Hill), but this past month I have been loving Prosecco Pop so much! Even mixing both Prosecco & Champagne Pop gives the face a beauty glow – so obsessed. (Unfortunately you can’t get Prosecco Pop in an individual pan. I have it from the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Face Palette which was limited edition. However, it does come in some of Becca’s split pans which includes a blush and a highlight so I have linked those)

∗Steve Madden Radio Bootie: These are the perfect black bootie for me. Not to high or too “extra” to wear on a regular day and cute enough to wear out. I got them last winter, so unfortunately I can no longer find them online, but I have gotten so much use out of them this year. I definitely recommend purchasing a pair of black booties because you can always throw them on to step your outfit up a bit!

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque: If you know me you know that I am the type of person who gets haircuts twice a year (if that). If not, you can imagine my ends are not always in the absolute best condition. This mask really does prolong the state of my ends and even helps them stay soft and not incredibly brittle when they do start to split. Personally, I use this in replacement of my conditioner when I wash my hair. I apply a liberal amount from the tips of my hair up to about my ears. I have very thick, curly hair and a lot of it so it can handle a lot of product so I really put a lot on. If you don’t have hair like mine I suggest using just a quarter size amount.

Life with Me by Marianna Hewitt: Possibly one of my all time favorite blogs. I not only follow Marianna’s blog, but I follow her YouTube videos and her Instagram as well and I am a total fan. Can we start with her beautiful aesthetic on Instagram (Click here to see her Instagram and give her a follow!)


Her blog itself is a mixture of beauty and lifestyle. She documents her travels to amazing places as well as all the awesome events she gets to attend. I love all the hard work she puts into her projects and the brand she has created for herself!

img_0737Abercrombie Fuzzy Robe: This is the absolute best robe in the entire world (and it is currently on sale!) It is literally the softest, fuzziest robe I have ever owned. Honestly, it’s so wearable I would probably wear it out of the house as well! (Pictured to the left)

Those are all of my favorites for this month. Let me know some of your favorites from this month and I’ll try them out! Comment below if you have used any of these products.

Talk to you Sunday,



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